Hello. My first post.

I made B737 MCP with simvim.

I used CONFIGURATOR to made "data.cfg". All functions working (buttons, encoders, 7segment displays and LEDs). Zibo737 works prefect.

I want use mcp for FF A320, too. I tried assing buttons,encoders and 7segment displays to FF A320 (I did with FFA320 datarefs and commands). According this tutorial https://simvim.com/svc_convert.html

but how assign "LEDs" to proper buttons?

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Hi Ivota, You can re assign LED's as well.  If you have a Zibo LED that isn't working you can reassign as follows:  1) Locate the SimVim command in your data.cfg file and remember the name  2) Start X Plane and start a flight with the Flight Factor A320  3) Power up aircraft at gate (so you can monitor your changes) and then open Plugin SimVim "Outputs Conversion Tool"  4) In this example my FD1 switch was working with no change, but the LED quit working when I went to the Toliss A319. The SimVim command for this LED is AP_FD1_MA, when you start to type in the "search parameter name" box (capitals matter!) it will pop up a list with all the AP's in it.  Now I select the correct SimVim command.  5) A window will open with "Custom Parameter Options"  Now you need to know the actual data ref for the LED, in this case for the Toliss it is ckpt/lamp/186  enter that and then in the Optional area, select Range and in this case when the LED is on the value is between 1 and 2 so enter these numbers, Save, let Arduino board reboot and check operation.

If you need to find the data ref's download and install the Data Ref Tool by leecbaker, you install in plugins folder and then have it open and running while checking switches / lights etc to find the commands and data ref's you need.  There are some YouTube videos on Data ref Tool that help show operation.

If you need to create a new data ref you can go to configurator, select "data table" and then SimVim Functions tab, and while you cant change the name the Pin you assign it to will show up in the output conversion box when you start typing.


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Thank you Greg for answer.