Hi Vlad, two questions regarding the DISPLAY iRS POSITION at 737 ZIBO

1.- How can I show the letter N or S instead of the value 0 or 1 using a 7 segment display For example in IRS_Pos_Lat_NS and in IRS_Pos_Long_EW (W / O)

2.- How can I show IRS_Pos_Long_Min without decimals appearing to me. On the PC it shows for example 249 in my 7 segments 249.5

Congratulations on your fantastic work


Alfonso Pérez

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1 Answer

You need to select the "LCD Annunciator Text/ or 7-seg ann text".
Then select the assigned LCD (or 7-seg). display  and enter the needed letters (S,N or E,W).

(for 7-segment you can write something else, for example S,H and E,U )

2. IRS position is shown as it should:

NOTE:  in next updates we will add the S,N,E,W letter automatically or make full diplay function.


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