Hello Vlad , a great job update 9.0.51A , Congratulations and thank you for the dedication.

I work on the Cockpit clock of cessna 172 SP, I have the following difficulties after loading the Update.

Q. With the OAT button, and on the LCD Display(16X2) Line 1, I only get the temperature at F , 51F, and when I activate the button, follow the temperature at 51F, but in the Game Monitor, if it changes to Voltage and Degrees Celsius.

* When I select the FT, it starts at Zero, and it works OK, but the Game FT is Accumulated, and I can't reset it, I can't coordinate this data.

With this I would almost be ready, Hopefully one day we can place an Oled so we can have. one identical instrument to the real plus in my simulator.

Thank you Vlad for all your help.
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In short, our parameters for clock use advanced custom functionality that is not modelled in X-Plane by default. The Cessna model uses its own custom functions, which can't be synchronized with our functions.

1. If you have "real"  clock in your hardware panel,  you don't need to look at the virtual (game) panel. The SimVim clock works as it should in real Davtron 800, and OAT is independent of the virtual clock. If you click the virtual button on screen it can't switch your real clock mode.

2. You should control the clock using the assigned OAT_Mode, Chrono_Mode, Chrono_Ctrl  buttons (either hardware or in SimVimPanel).

3. In SimVim clock, the FT starts from zero, and starts counting only when  all 3 wheels are in the air.  In the sim c172 the FT is not working as real.

4. When you are landing your plane you can reset the FT as it is in the real model 800  - you need to press and hold the Chrono_Ctrl button for 3 seconds while the mode is switched to FT display.

The only thing we need to correct in the next updates is that the FT must be reset when you load a new plane (and the time between plane starts should not be adding up when it starts again.)


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You can download new plugin update (.9.51c)

Now, when you take off the FT starts, when the plane is grounded, the FT stops (not resets).

If you take off again, the FT will continue to count from the previous value.

Or, you can reset FT by holding the CTR button 3 seconds before next takeoff.