Hello, I am working on a 737 cockpit. I finished several gauges including the "YAW Damper" and "Flap Gauge" using servo motors and all worked well. The gauge that I cannot get to work even after many many hours of trying is the "Chrono gauge" specifically the timer that operates the centre needle. I am using a stepper drive 28BYJ-28 set at full step.

I configured it under the "Chrono/Func" table and "Time_UT_Sec". I can't get it to work. With no gauge cailbration, once reloaded nothing happens to the needle. I tried to calibrate from 0 to 60 in one revolution, once loaded the needle starts ticking like a second hand on a wall clock, non stop. Any help in configuring this function is very appreciated. I am using version v9.51.c

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