Set up a transponder as the KT 76-C. Set the VFR button (on a mux board) and it works but if I press it once I get a random code (different from what was currently set) and then if I press it again I get 1200. Sometimes if I press it shows a random code briefly and then goes to 1200 with one press. Once it is at 1200 if I press it again I get the same random code that showed after the first press.

My line for this button in the cfg file is as follows:

B39.15 XPDR_IDT v=1200

I added the v=1200 and have tried it with and without that parameter with the same results.

Just a minor inconvenience and wondering if I have not done something right?

One other thing I noticed during the setup - I choose the XPDR_CODE from the image map under Generic Display and it wouldn't display any code (display blank in that spot) when I choose XPDR_Code from the data table under Transponder Display it displayed correctly.

Version 0.9.51c
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1 Answer

1. For all SimVim custom radio functions you should NOT  enter any other options after the parameter name.

2. Use the image map to configura your device. As you can see for the VFR code you need to use the VFR button.

The code parameter in the map is updated now.

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