X-Plane crashes when the DataRefTool is started. According to the log.txt SimVim is the cause:

--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: SimVimCockpit}==--

The DatarefTool is the current version (DataRefTool_2019_12_04). If necessary I can send the Log.txt file.
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Are you using the latest version of SimVimCockpit?

We also use DaraRefTool for testing, and have no problems with it. To make sure, I've just downloaded the latest version and tried it. No crashing. I've tried it in Linux. What's your OS?

- Roman
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Hello Roman

I have installed the current version of VimSim ( SimVimCockpit_v0_9_51c ).
I use Windows 10


If I temporarily disable SimVim with the "PluginAdmin" I can use the DataRefTool. After that I activate SimVim again. This is how it works at first. But maybe we will find the cause.

My FF A320 MCDU runs very well with SimVim for some time.Many thanks for that.
I also plan to switch my A320 pedestal to SimVim. Currently I use an Arcaze USB interface, but SimVim is more flexible.

With kind regards