elevator trim pins E2.2 Elevator_Trim is not working with encoder from a mouse....the encoder is ok tested on other controls. 

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The "Elevator_Trim" parameter is used for mechanical wheel only when Autopilot is disengaged.
When Autopilot takes control on the trim servo, the input from the wheel  encoder is blocked in the plugin. This allows to use a DC motor to imitate the wheel rotation from AP.

Another parameter - "Elec_Trim" is used for the manual trim switches located on the yoke. When you activate it the AP is disengaged.

The CWS button located on the yoke used to take control while AP is active and engage the CWS pitch/roll mode in appropriate autopilots.

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Thank you, you cleared me of an immense doubt regarding the autopilot with the mechanical wheel and its disconnection when it is active.

Good to know that.

Due to lack of time I can't write and describe some of the features on the website, but this will  will be eventually...

Thanks for an outstanding response and in very less time. Our hobby is indebted to your efforts.

This pretty much clears the issue.

However....my need is

1. how to drive the DC motor connected to the elevator(self made) so as the auto pilot can imitate the movement.

2. The encoder part is understood. But once auto pilot is not engaged the encoder connected to wheel is not making any change to the wheel in virtual cockpit.
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