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how does it work with the slave controllers. Are these (no matter how many cards) all connected to the two pins TX and RX of the Arduino MEGA?

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1) Serial port 1 - you can connect one stepper controller (later can be added more extension in chain), works on 115200 speed.
2) Serial port 2 - you can connect only  one Servo controller (speed is 9600 only)

3) Serial port 3 - you can connect  one LCD  controller  (later can be added another boards in chain), 115200 speed.

4) The key-matrix input board can be connected to the same serial #1 together with the stepper board, chained, as described here: http://simvim.com/svc_matrix.html  (see the text in red)

Eventually, one serial port can be used for another boards, if we will add more of them.


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Hi Vlad and Roman.
How many stepper can be connected to the Arduino Uno?
are 19 stepper?
why are they in parentheses (20) (21)?
For my needs and that of other cockpit manufacturers, we would need another Arduino Uno in a chain to run more stepper motors, how long will it take to develop that code and attach it to the configurator, and I will project the design of the instruments.

The (21,21 are the two additional pins that are presented on the Nano board but not in the Uno. So you can connect up to 17 for Uno and 19 for Nano.
If a stepper has the zero-position sensor,  it uses additional pin, and you have less steppers to connect.

I can't say about time/dates right now, we still have too much work ahead  and plans (and lack of time)
Thanks for you time.

i waiting here, no problem.