Hi Roman and Vlad.
I have one question
Can I connect an input sensor analog POT for the automatic pilot trim control?
I think there is a bug in the button yoke control do not respond correctly to the UP / DOWN buttons

Thank you
Miton Rodriguez.


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Have you configured  it as 3-potion switch?
It should work, try download the latest database file again.

Of course it's better if you will just use encoder ("Elevator_Trim"), not analog pot for the mechanical wheel. In this case you don't need any friction clutch.
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Hi Vlad and Roman.
definitely if there is a bug in the electric trim control on the yoke,
T38 Elevator_Trim
T40 Elevator_Trim
  in several ports of the Arduino Mega change buttons change the Arduino Mega for a new one, install download the latest database file, 
and the trim just runs nose up from the plane, not nose down.
thanks for your reply.
Milton Rodriguez

1) you cannot assign trim wheel (Elevator_Trim)  as T-switch, only as encoder (where did you find this, you should use the configurator, not manual enter.,  and why assigned two times?)

2) If you need to assign the trim switch on the yoke, use the Elec_Trim:

T38   Elec_Trim

or (encoder assigned as two buttons)

E38  Elec_Trim

The Elevator_Trim is used for direct wheel control, not electric trim on the yoke:

E##    Elevator_Trim

Please see the "Flight Controls" image map

Hi Vlad
You are right, I am wrong to select configurator, that will work perfectly, this week 
connect wheel motor with clutch system, 
I will be informing you of the operation.
Thanks for your help.
Milton Rodriguez
OK, good,
but maybe you don't need a clutch, just  a gear for DC motor, the wheel can be rotated by hand in this case too (when the motor is not rotates).