Hi Vlad.  Some questions for you.  I have a real hours meter that runs on 12 volts in my cockpit so I need to start it via a relay from a digital output when the engine starts as it would in a Cessna.  The configurator only gives options for LED oiutputs.  Can I have just an on/off signal??  Next I have two vent fans in the wing vents that I was going to PWM control so they ramp up as airspeed increases.  If I use the PWM Airspeed indicator output, I assume this will work?  Finally I have a real dome light in the cockpit  which I want to switch with a relay so that when the sim light is activated, my real one is too.  Its not dimmable just on off and I can only find PWM outputs.  Is there a way to switch a relay for this function too.

Many thanks for your great work.  I am building it all into a decommissioned Cessna 152 fuselage so I am trying to make things as real as I can.

Thank you

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The "LED"  output is the "Digital Output" (it is the "On/Off" signal).
Please read this page: http://simvim.com/tech_dout.html

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