I have configured setup as described in steppers/28byj-48 section.

It seems to be working, cause when i use the "SimVim Gauge Calibration" i can make the gauge go around the clock, both slow and fast.

I then set the dataref values for flaps at 0,1,2,5,10,15,25,30 and 40, in correct positions.

Back in the cockpit, i then move flaps stick to test, but now the gauge only move VERY tiny steps.

I can hear that whenever flaps needle is moving in X-plane, the physical guage motor is moving, but i can barely see it.

Any ideas?
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You should set the dataref value, not the degrees,
for the flaps it is 0.0 - 1.0  range.

The calibrating process:

1. make real gauge faceplate with needle, and connect.

2. then in the calibration window, move the needle to first  position (1), then move you virtual flap handle to get the same position on-screen,

3.  read the dataref value in the calibrating window. Write this value.

4. then move the gauge to next position (2), repeat the same for virtual gauge, read next value, write it.  And so on...


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Thanks Vlad, appreciate the answer, I used the wrong numbers.

When wiring the stepper according to your diagram, the motor turns counter-clockwise when increasing the position value in the calibration window! Reversing the wires makes it go clockwise.
Any comment on that?

You don't need to change wires (though you can),
you can reverse it in the calibration window,
see the servo in this video (reversed servo): https://youtu.be/b0fgCUof0mo