I've been playing with the new brightness controls this week on my MAX7219 controlled 7-segment displays.  This seems to work pretty well and it got me to thinking about how I could add brightness control to my DM13A controlled LED indicators.

Presently, I've built my NAV/COM module with 4x7219 controlled 7-segment displays all connected through a output multiplexer (74HC4067).  The module also has a DM13A for several LEDs I have on the module.  Instead of bringing in an additional PWM control wire for the DM13A brightness control, I was wondering if I could add a MAX7219 matrix to the multiplexer to drive the LEDs?  The advantage would be conserving the PWM control wire and removing the control wire necessary for the DM13A.

Looking through the configurator, it doesn't appear that this is supported today.  Maybe consider this for a future release?


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Hi Mike,
No, it's not possible now, and adding this in the main program needs significant changes in the plugin, protocol and the configurator interface.
If you bothering about excessive wires (which are not many at all), as an option you could use the matrix LEDs, this needs only one signal wire.
As for PWM -  with one PWM output you can control as many devices as needed.
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Hi Vlad,

Yeah, I was thinking I needed individual PWM Arduino pins for each LED controller.  That makes much more sense.  I think I'll still look at swapping the DM13A for the MAX7219 because I like the internal brightness control.