I'm having a strange issue when using a 3 position rotary switch to control inputs, as the configurator only sets 2 inputs used for Standby_Power. When switching, it jumps around between values, and makes the input unreliable. I put a video up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_daiNooe8

You'll see at the end if I use a series of inputs (3), that it is then reliable, but there is no option for that on the Standby_Power command, and I have to use some other command and reassign a dataref to it in order to use a series input. Any thoughts?

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1 Answer

You should use only 2 inputs for any 3-position switch  in SimVim.

If it's a rotary switch: connect common (Pole)  terminal to the GND, connect  the Throw #1 to the first input, and Throw #3 - to the second input. The throw #2 (middle)  is not connected!

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