I'm trying to realize a radio DIY for my Cessna 172 cockpit. 


I would like to use it for COM1/NAV1 frequencies. All is working ok with displaying the active and stbys freq, On/off switch, swap button and coaxial encoder.... Great! 

As you can see in the picture I would like to use the switch near the encoder to select COM1 or NAV1 frequencies. Is it possible? 

 I'm in difficulty... which parameters I'd have to use, especially for  this radio 

swapping oparation linked to this toggle switch?

Also, if, possbile, to have the two leds working, one lights up for COM1 and the other for NAV1. Which is the parameter that lights up a led when COM1 is displayed, for example?...

The second stack will be the same.

Thanyou so much!

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Hi Marco,

Please wait a little, soon we will upload new plugin update that will include all needed functionality for "all-in-one" radio and combined Com/Nav devices.

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Great Vlad!  Thanking you always for your marvellous job


The new "combo" parameters will be these ones:

Radio_Combo_Sel      - button/selector for n1/n2/c1/c2/adf1/adf/2/xpdr
Radio_NavCom_Sel    - button/selector for nav1/nav2/com1/com2

Radio_Knob_1     -  Mhz knob (or 2 left digits for ADF/XPDR)
Radio_Knob_2     -  Khz knob (or 2 right digits for ADF/XPDR)
Radio_Xfer          - Flip button for selected radio

Radio_Pull          - Push ("pull")  button for additional functions (Mhz/Khz for single encoder)

Radio_Combo_Act       - combo display active, selected nav,com,adf
Radio_Combo_Stby    - combo display standby

Indicators (and separste mode buttons):




No need to use any "conditions"

Woow... smileyyes


GREAT! I was facing the same issue... very much looking forward to it. Thank you!


It's done! Download new plugin.

Open the configurator image map, find "Combo radio" and try any  combinations.

Also take a look on the "Generic" type of Nav/Cam.


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Thanks! I will try in these days