Hello, is there a function that shows the VOR / DME signal in a morse code on an LCD screen?


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Maybe you mean the "navaid" code?
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At the moment we receive the VOR signal from an airport, which we previously configured in NAV1 or NAV2 and if we select NAV1 or NAV2 in the audio panel. A morse code is heard representing the airport from which we are receiving the signal. That morse code is what I want to see on an LCD screen.

Is there any instruction to see that code?

Thanks for your answer.


The morse code you hear is the Nav ID  (navaid).
So you want to display it in alphabetical representation.
Find the"Navaid_ID_Nav1" in the parameter table.

What is your radio type you want to replicate?
There are SimVim  DME types that works as real devices and show that ID, so you don't need to do anything (see the IND-42, DI-851, DMS-44A ...)