Hi Vlad and community.
I have PWM problem, I am trying to work
Engine Control Prop sync spinner disk rotation, with Stepper Driver board A3967SLB and I put the corresponding motor stepper and it does not react
  I try with coil gauges  directly with the Arduino Mega2560 in PWM pin did not move, then I installed PWM module TLC5947 did not move  either, I installed through Arduino IDE a sequence of lights blinked in the TLC5947 module and it worked perfect.

Prop_Sync_Disk  ( direct control A3967SLB)

Prop_Sync_Dev   (PWM DC motor speed H bridge)

Prop_Sync_Dir   (indicated  direction motor DC) Where Low is Left and HI is Right for me

Torque_NM_Eng1 (gauge coil indicator) I use this only to test the PWM

Flap1_Position_Ind (gauge indicator) I use this only to test the PWM

In summary.
I could not function
Prop sync spinner disk rotation motor stepper or DC motor
PWM lights or coil gauges direct PIN Arduino Mega or module TLC5947
Thanks Vlad and community
Milton Rodriguez
Apr 10 in Output - Gauges by

1 Answer

Have you tested this in some default plane (B58)?
Apr 12 by