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I have a problem with the fuel levels of the B1900 plane
I must move a one servo/stepper with a single switch, I have not been able to find the correct code to work for me, I have not been able to adjust the two Dataref for a single servo / stepper since they are different levels and to be able to calibrate each one must be assigned one to a pin of the WitMotion that the configurator does not allow me, with the servos it is easy to perform as seen in the image, but with a stepper it is impossible because the servo has feedback and adjusts automatically with the new milliseconds position

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Milton Rodriguez.
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As I have mentioned earlier, this gauge should use one (single) dataref for not both fu7le mode (main/aux), not two.
The aircraft model logic should write this dataref accordingly with  the switch mode (aux/main).
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