Problem solved.
The solution is to change the roles of the tanks in the plane's configurator. at Weight & Balance Tanks on Xplane. issue solved.

 Hi Vlad and community
After several attempts I started the fuel gauge, without problems Arduino Uno, I only found a problem with the selection of the main tank FUEL TANK 1 (MAIN) and the reserve tank FUEL TANK 3 (AUX) when operating the switch for the selection always shows the sum of the two tanks and not independently at their actual levels.

the pins (20) and (21) of the Arduino nano works erratically and cannot be adjusted. Please review them.

second question, how do I adjust the tank gauge FUEL TANK 3 (AUX) since in the configurator it does not appear for adjustment.?
When the MAIN-AUX switch is on, the stepper motor shows zero KGS (lb) with tanks full of fuel
For the Beech1900 secuence of fuel tanks
TANK 1 MAIN (725 KG, 1603 LBS)
TANK 3 AUX (282 KS, 623 LBS)
TANK 2 MAIN (725 KG, 1603 LBS)
TANK 4 AUX (282 KS, 623 LBS)

As you can see there are two calibrations for each side of plane
Thank you for your help Vlad and the community.

this last photo shows that there are no changes in the main tank 1:

I am testing aircraft C90 and the fuel panel module works perfectly, this is what I want in the B1900 airplane, but it has been impossible for me community help me please.

Milton Rodriguez

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Hello dear,

I also want to report an issue with the Arduino nano pins (20) and (21). I can't have them to work: no signal shown on my oscilloscope.
On pin 19 and under: no problem.

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Hi Geoff

Checking with my logic analyzer, the Arduino Nano at pins (20 and 21) does not send any signal to the driver.

my plane is with analog instruments, we can collaborate so we move faster
Milton Rodriguez

Hi sir Milton,

Sorry I was waiting to be notified of your answer by email. But it ended up in my spam box.

Because there is no signal coming out of those pins, I suppose that the issue is coming from the firmware (e.g. Nano pins 20 and 21 forgotten or miss linked).

Do you have an idea on how we could check that? What coding skill level would be requiered? I don't think we can solve this without help from the SimVim developer team. Which, by the way, I thank already for all the great work they have accomplished !


Hi Geoff.
We must wait Vlad to fix this little Bug.
And I am also waiting for solution of the MAIN / AUX fuel levels of the B1900 plane.
Milton Rodriguez.