Hello I'm working in a personal project SF50 on X-plane11 whit sim vim its is grate!!! thanks

I  assign the (Gear_emergency function) from sim vim  and  no work as  (sim/flight_controls/pump_gear) the plane us SF50 the project is Landing gear manual extension.
I don't now if is possible reassign commands or perhaps I not chose the correct command.

Thanks a lot !!
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As I see the SF50 doesn't have the emergency handle or manual pump? (and you can test it in the Dataref Tool).

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Thanks for you help

The SF50 have handle.
when I use the key board the function ( sim/flight_controls/pump_ gear ) work properly.
When I use sim vIm switch associated to ( gear_emergency) the emergency landing gear don’t work
The hardware is ok cables, switches and the sim is receiving (gear_emergency) command from SimVim plugin

Thanks a lot
Why can't I  find this handle in the SF50 cockpit, where is it placed?
And when I activate the ..pump_gear nothing happens...

Thanks for you support, you are right, the SF50 hasn’t Emergency landing gear handle in to the cockpit I was traiyng to find it an other plane  as BE-90 and no founded, I was trying  whit the BE90 and no work to. 

But if you go to Flight, Edit Failures, Systems,Landing Gear, Gear actuator system, Failure, and set it.

and you assign to keyboard  the X-plane command ( sim/flight_controls/pump_ gear ) it work perfect.

Can SimVim some way to activate X-plane command  sim/flight_controls/pump_ gear )? or whit you experience make work it.

Thanks, I expect help some one of the community of corse not as a programer but I am Airline Pilot and perhaps whit performance or other skill, I am at your service 


OK, I see,

This "Gear_Emergency" parameter unlocks the emergency lever (and overrides the electrical/hydraulic landing gear  down control).
 I need to add the manual handle parameter back (it was in previous versions).

So, it should be two parameters:
"Gear_Emergency"  - turn the "emerg" mode for gears
"Gear_Man_Down"  - Pull the manual lever

It will be added and be available in next update.

One technical question: should  the main gear lever  be in downd position before activating the manual "down" lever?
( I mean in real planes that have separate emerg lever)

Dejar Vlad Whit this two commands the problem was solved thanks!!!

I want to send some pictures of my project !

Thank a lot !!!