Hi Vlad and others

I have a few things that currently doesn't work for me in CL300 and would like to add them to community converter, but have some questions before I do.

1) Mach hold. This one should be easy as there's writable dataref 'cl300/engn_mach_h' for the button and readable 'cl300/engn_mach_status' for the state. I just didn't find simvim parameter just for mach hold, so what should I use? Maybe AT_SPD_Hold and At_SPN_On? Challenger doesn't have autothrottle so would be pretty close or would you add parameter for mach hold?

2) Mach/knots switch. This is activated by pressing speed select knob, I tried AP_IAS_Mach (which should be exactly it by description) but it doesn't work for me. If I fire strandard xpl command 'sim/autopilot/knots_mach_toggle' it works fine in CL300. Am I using wrong Simvim param? Is there something else for this xplane command?

3) AP_FLCH_On doesn't work for me. Once I touch vertical nav in AP this stays on (I have mapped it to LED).

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1. It should be the "AP_IAS"   (Airspeed HOLD (SPD, IAS, Mach), Pitch mode).   And "AP_IAS_On" for LED.
And the custom is the "cl300/mach_hold"   command (not dataref!) - please read about commands vs dataref usage (http://simvim.com/svc_data.html  - in the bottom.

I have added this parameter to the  CL300 conversion.

2. AP_IAS_Mach   - works as default, I have tested it right now, no problem (in flight )

3. There was an error in the "AP_FLCH_On"  parameter, corrected. Download the "SimVim.dat" file and replace it in the plugin folder.


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ad 1) ok, thx. So I also added AP_IAS_On and both work fine. Btw I would say that mach hold is closer to autothrottle as it tunes throttle a little bit to keep the speed. It doesn't use pitch as IAS hold - which is closer to FLCH. But just my opinion, technically it doesn't matter as it works fine mapped to IAS.

ad 2) was my wiring problem, sorry

ad 3) thanks, now works fine