Hi, I want to use a button (Radio_Combo_Sel) to change the parameters and with a 16x2 LCD display show Nav1, Nav2, etc on the top line, that rotate when I change the selection, how can I implement it? Thank you

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As I understand you want to display currently selected mode in text?
You can do this using the parameters for LEDs  (as usual - assign any annunciator as "LCD - "Conditional" Text".

- Open the combo radio image map in the configurator.
- Select the LED indication parameters (Radio_****_Sel)
- Select "LCD Conditional Text" output type.
- Assign it to an LCD and enter the text string to display.

Now, the text will be displayed when your radio is in the selected mode. Repeat this for every mode for the same display position.

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Thank you very much, I was able to configure it. The only thing left is for xplane to fix the foot brake bug. A hug and thanks for your time.

OK, but what is the "foot brake bug"?
My left and right  toe brakes don't work from simvim, only when xplane is paused; and I also can't remove the center mouse control cross, i don't have a joystick.
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