hello to all.

I decided to start the build of a Embraer 195 cockpit based on SSG plane. I started wich the Guidance panel, the main panel to control all the funcions of the AP and NAV modes. All the buttons work properly.

But the button SRC "source" that defines what is the side of  the systems  we want use (Pilot or copilot) don´t have a function that makes that work.  i like to colaborate in the development of the plane for this plataform.
any help?
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I try the NAV Light. I connect a toggle switch to PIN 12, configure it in the configurator. I opened the Laminar Chessna, turn the switch to ON and the NAV light turns on, everything works. Then I downloaded the convert file, copied into the E195 installation folder. I started the SSG E195 plane and turns on my my switch, nothing happend. I also add the DataRef into the converter and downloaded the converted file again, but it not works. I also try it as a DataRef, because the DataRef for the NAV light is writable, but it not works.

Maybe Vlad can give us a hint
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The parameters in the table and maps are the same.

Just now I have purchased the SSG E-JET 195 and soon I will revise all the parameters for this plane for the conversion table (and for image-map config).

By the way, full SSG UFMC functionality will be (I hope, will see) available to used with  the SimVim FMS 


At first glance -  I see some functions are not operable, for example, even simple autobrake switch,   standard multiposition switch in Xplane...
How about FMC? Not all buttons are working in this model?  The TRIM panel is functional? ...

UPD:  now I see that autobrake is actually working as needed (in flight).

By the way, full SSG UFMC functionality will be (I hope, will see) available to used with  the SimVim FMS  (next steep)

i almost finished the overhead panel , only left the windshield protection and the ice protection panels , think tomorrow its done.

after this i will do the fire stinguish handles.

if i can help you with any "logic" of the plane , you are welcome.

The autobrake logic only allows select RTO on ground, and LOW-MED-HI airborne, work great like in the real plane

The FMC 'looks' externally like the real but the  software is not the same. Most funcións aren't working.

I' have a signed the trims to the yoke switches., but I don't remember if are de xplane generic or ssg datarefs, tomorrow I will confirm it.

 The TRIM panel is functional? full funcional , works witth the Xplane commands