hello to all.

I decided to start the build of a Embraer 195 cockpit based on SSG plane. I started wich the Guidance panel, the main panel to control all the funcions of the AP and NAV modes. All the buttons work properly.

But the button SRC "source" that defines what is the side of  the systems  we want use (Pilot or copilot) don´t have a function that makes that work.  i like to colaborate in the development of the plane for this plataform.
any help?
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I try the NAV Light. I connect a toggle switch to PIN 12, configure it in the configurator. I opened the Laminar Chessna, turn the switch to ON and the NAV light turns on, everything works. Then I downloaded the convert file, copied into the E195 installation folder. I started the SSG E195 plane and turns on my my switch, nothing happend. I also add the DataRef into the converter and downloaded the converted file again, but it not works. I also try it as a DataRef, because the DataRef for the NAV light is writable, but it not works.

Maybe Vlad can give us a hint
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point 1 and 3 are solved.

At the point 2 the PFD_Mins_switch is working fine, it changes between RA or Baro minimums.

the problem is managing the 2 values minimum Baro and RA which the same encoder, like in a real plane.

I recorded a video to be more acurated.



So, as there is no "knob commands" and dedicated knob dataref for the "Mins" encoder (it strange and then more complicated to implement), you have to use both datarefs  on one encoder.

You should use two separate parameters for this knob (assigned to the same encoder in the configurator):
"PFD_Mins_Set"   - for "radio" mins
"PFD_Baro_Set"   - for "baro" mins

I have added these  parameter to the main "community" conversion,
please download the dat again   and try. 


Hi again Vlad 

i do it with this result:


buttttt , after afer a few value ajustments


thanks for your help, i think in the 1.4 version the custom commans of SSG aren´t corect.

another question

how can i change an analog imput selected to a Encoder?
how y can delete a entry into the simvime195.dat?
i assigned the EICAS brigth to a potentiometer but i prefer an encoder

1) Assign it as analog in the configurator
2) In the "individual" converter now you can delete any parameter.
- In the "community" converter you can only check the  "Mark for removal" checkbox
3) What parameter?