Hi  Mr. Vlad and the community.

The fuel tank levels for the B1900 failed, it does not let me see the fuel of tanks 3.4 as aux, there will be some way to assign tanks 1,2 as main the custom configurator does not allow it.

In the B200 to B1900 (Carenado) series aircraft  have 4 tanks, two main and two Auxiliary, numbered as follows 1 and 2 main, and 3_4 Auxiliary. TI the dataref that controls it is ..cockpit2/fuel/fuel_quantity [0,1,2,3], as we see in the image they are Indicated fuel level per tank, in kgs.

I propose  create in configurator  Show Aux-3_4 on a Fuel Gauge (hold button, spring-loaded switch)
Fuel Level Indicated, 1                                                                                                  Fuel_Level_1
Fuel Level Indicated, 2                                                                                                  Fuel_Level_2
Fuel Level Aux3 Fuel_Quantity_Aux (default B1900)                                                     Fuel_Aux_3
Fuel Level Aux4 Fuel_Quantity_Aux (default B1900)                                                     Fuel_Aux_4

I do not think it convenient to have 4 independent indicators  Fuel_Level_1,  Fuel_Level_2, Fuel_Aux_3,Fuel_Aux_4, since this aircraft only has 2 needles for its total fuel indication, with only two needle (ng) it would be necessary.

and select with a single (hold button, spring-loaded switch) which would show the two states of the levels, please do not use the Fuel Level 1 + Fuel_Aux_3 =  total Sum Left side Quantity or Fuel Level Left indicator. like in the C90 plane.


thanks you

Milton Rodriguez.

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I think, you could to find the custom dataref in your plane model for this one specific gauges (fuel level L and fuel level R).
The Aux switch should only change that dataref (used for the virtual cockpit gauge) to the aux value, I suppose (or not?).

Can you find in your carenado the custom dataref assosiated  with the fuel level gauge?
Or, if not, do you think it uses the standard datarefs?
(I don't have the carenado and can not see that myself).


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Sorry, but yes, I see that there are some changes  the Laminar C90  now:

In early XP11 versions  the Laminar C90 model had a special (custom) datarefs for these gauges:


but later they have removed that datarefs, only standard now used (../cockpit2/fuel/fuel_level_indicated_left), that show the sum in C90 when Aux switch is used.
I didn't know that they was removed and they still are presented in the SimVim assignment for the C90....
but anyway,  now the fuel level shows the sum of the main  + aux tanks (tank1 + tank3) or aux only, you are right (as i should be in real C90).

I think we can add new SimVim custom dataref for this kind of fuel gauge (for separate Main or Aux level).


HI Vlad and community.
I think you made some changes in the configurator, and I see that there is a new

"Fuel Level Indicated (main or aux), Left"     =     Fuel_Level_L   ng
but unfortunately it does not show any indication, when looking at Calibrate gauge it only shows the value of "0" zero please can
Also check "Fuel_Gauge_Aux" which is associated with this indicator, please check this instrument, thanks.

This custom function is not finished yet (see above).