Greetings - I am converting from ArdSimX to the latest version of SimVim. I have illuminated buttons for each of the autopilot functions and each button has a single LED in them. I'd like to have the LED flash while a function is capturing and once it is acquired, the LED turns steady on.

So, for example, I am currently at 14,000 ft and dial in 35,000 ft in the altitude window and select ALT on the autopilot control panel. I would like the button to flash while the aircraft is climbing to FL350 and turn steady on once the A/C levels out at FL350 (this autopilot has acquired the altitude).

Is there currently a way to configure using the online configurator? It won't let me assign two different functions to a single pin.


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When you  assign the LEDs using the data table (not image map) in the  configurator  for some parameters you will see additional option to set the blinking "armed" mode.
If you have assigned them using image map this option was not appeared, but now it is  added too.
When you click on this LED in the image the "blink when armed" option is available.
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