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A number of weeks ago you very kindly assisted me some technical information to make my THQ 737 work with Steppers, i have now redesigned to work with servos but i now have a problem that after configuration the servo remains engaged and when i push the throttle forward without Auto throttle selected the servo want's to return to return back to the idle position and is difficult to move as if it remains powered what have i missed do i need additional hardware or have i configured wrong.

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are you using the SimVim to control your throttles, or it's another game controller?
The AT motor is working directly from the simulator autothrottle position (and should be calibarted from 0.00 to 1.00).
When the AT motor is active the plugin switches manual throttle control OFF (but only if SimVim control is used).
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Hi Vlad some interesting stuff here

I am using a thrustmaster as my yoke but have not assigned the throttle within xplane 11 for this device

i have configured my servo as instructed 0.00 to 1.0  but even with the AT switched off within the Virtual Cockpit my throttle is still stuck on with power to the servo when i move it forward it just returns back to Idle and is very difficult to move

you mentioned that i need to tell the Xplane that Simvim has control how do i do this i can't see any options within the joystick set up page to allocate the functions to Simvim or am i looking in the wrong place.

one thing is that if i unpower the servo by removing the supply voltage connector i can move the Throttle quite freely and it mirrors my actions within the virtual cockpit with ease as i have an analog pot which is configured in Simvim
For now you can use the digital output assigning the "AT_Control_On"
and control some FET gate (or relay)  to switch  power off from the servo.

When I will find more time for this I will try do describe all possible options for this control on the website page.
Hi Vlad Many thanks i have just ordered a couple of MOSFETs from Amazon for the time being.

looking forward to your update on the wed site.

and thank you once again for your assistance and quick response.

Best regards Dave
Hi Vlad,

Just dropping you a note to say thanks i ordered two MOSFET PCB's IRF 520 for left and right throttles they now work a treat and engage when the AT is active so the Auto throttles move by themselves using a digital out from the master Arduino when AT is disengaged either on the the MCP or the throttle they move free as a bird.

Huge thanks again
Good! Glad to know that!