Hi Vlad and Community,

I am progressing the build of my King Air project (see www.oxfordair.nz).

I am considering building some instruments that will have two arms (example altitude illustrating 1000's and 100's). I can clearly see that the X27.168 stepper motor works well with many other instruments, however what would you suggest for those instruments that require two arms?

I am some time away from assembling instruments, but my plan is to utilise the work of SimVim having used their previous efforts some years back,

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards

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Ah sorry I found the answer here.... http://simvim.com/tips_gau.html

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You can buy the twin stepper.

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Thank you Vlad,

That might be a lot easier than my 3d printed complicated 4 gears panel :)... I get some of those. Cheers

Good morning community, I want to share the data sheet.





Milton Rodriguez

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Hi Milton,

Thank you for the information, that is really useful for me. It will allow me to design the 3d printed part over the next few days.

All the best