I've connected a potentiometer to an analog input and mapped that input to the Nose_Tiller parameter using the configurator however the nose wheel steering is not affected when turn the pot. The configurator shows that this parameter (highlighted in blue) requires custom mapping. Why would it need to be custom mapped when I can configure the twist on my stick to drive nose wheel steering ( which acts like the tiller). Can we get this tiller parameter mapped directly to nose wheel steering?

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The "Nose_Tiller" is not supported by standard X-Plane datarefs,

There is the "Nose_Wheel_Steer"  toggle switch - you can use it to egage/disengage the standard XP command (On/Off wheel steering), then using your rudder to steer.

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Thanks Vlad but it appears there are standard X-Plane datarefs that is for nose wheel steering and can be used as a tiller: When I have my stick twist action mapped to nose wheel steering, these are the datarefs I see:



It would be great to be able to map to one of these refs and then we can build a tiller using a potentiometer.


Yes, it is so, but  in this case we need to override the flightmodel steering, using the ../override_wheel_steer dataref (set to 1, as default is =0). It works for you because your aircraft model sets this dataref to 1 on XP-plane start I think.

We plan to implement the custom SimVim function for this (tiller) input.
But why don't use it as you do it now? Is your plane has the tiller really?

I just checked and that dataref ../override_wheel_steer is set to 0 and the twist function works and that is using a potentiometer.  Although I am currently using a joystick, I plan on using yokes in my simulator and would like to build the tiller for nose wheel steering and not rely on rudders.


Yes, the Joystick itself "overrides" this control and doesn't need the set the override dataref to 1.
The "Nose_Wheel_Steer" parameter should be ON anyway (or the ../cockpit2/control/nosewheel_steer_on" =1.)

But this doesn't work for plugins and other external programs. It must use the "override" function in the program.
As I said, we can add  tiller function (in this case  the joystick cannot be used for tiller).
Now the SimVim "Nose_Tiller"  can be used only for those planes that have their own custom dataref for the tiller wheel.

I think for now you could wire external potentiometer to your Joystick controller.
I often recommend to use old joysticks along with SimVim for some functions ( all you need is take any old joystick, take it apart and use it's pots and buttons in your panel.