I have a small panel of the cessna 172 and I have 2 doubts:

- How to make the MAX 7219 modules (I have 4 modules for active COM1, COM1 standby, NAV1 active and NAV1 standby) only light up when connecting the cessna battery;

- With version v0.9.56a I lost the parameter 'ADF1_flip'. How to replace it?

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1) All radion devices are powered OFF in these cases:

- When master avionics switch is OFF
- When the Bus voltage is lower that needed for the device works
- When Bus is OFF or failed.

Just check this and you will see.

The default bus number for the radio devices is Bus #1
If you Battery switch  is connects/disconnects some other bus you can select this bus number when assigning the display in the configurator (or "Edit" it if it is assigned).

2) ADF1_Xfer

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Sorted out. Thank you.