Hello Vlad,

Thanks for SimVim.

I just read your response To Mr. Edgar regarding the two dots in the clock display.

I built my Chrono Clock for my 737 using a stepper motor and a 4 digit clock display. The two dots did not display so I tried to hard wire them. Worked but not well. You then introduced the two dots in later revisions (I think for LCD), so I changed my displays to regular 5 digits units . Presently the two dots work very well. Do I understand that this present feature might be removed in the future? Or will both features remain and in this case I don't have to change my clock.

Thanks, Kam
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We intended to leave this option only, but maybe could add an additional option to select how to display it - either as dot(s) for 4-digit 7-segment display, or as "minus" sign  for 5-digits.
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Thanks Vlad.