Hello again, fortunately I am in the final stretch of the test to start the manufacture of my simulator Baron 58. I think this weekend I start with the assembly.

I have a problem with fuel gauges (right and left), indicator "Prop Amps" and DE-ICING.

The fuel gauges work well in cessna 172, I'm using the variable "Fuel_Level_Tank1 and Fuel_Level_Tank2". I can calibrate them since a reference value appears when I enter the calibrator.

When I use the same configuration for the Baron 58, the values are always 0.

This happens for the four variables of the four indicators.

What variables did you use?

Let's cross our fingers so that this weekend can begin with the construction.

Thank you very much for your help.

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These parameters are working fine (for "default" B58  of X-Plane 11):


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You should calibrate the fuel gauge in  KGS, not gallons.
For Baron:

1. calibrate the fuel gauge in the range between 0 and 240 kgs.
Checked now - all works.

Also, use the "Fuel_Level_L", "Fuel_Level_R"  for this.

2. De_Ice_Pressure in Baron seems just a "dummy" . It has custom dataref, simvim support it, you can calibrate it in range of 0 .. 20 PSI,  but you need to wait some condition to see result (if it will be).

3. Prop Amps - calibrate the gauge in range 0 .. 30 Amps.
Checked - it works for B58 (if you use XP11 "standard" B58)

Hi Vlad, after the last update of the plugin (0.9.56a) in my Baron (Carenado) the fuel, PropAmp and DeIcePres indicators no longer work. PropAmp and DeIcePres were converted by me into the old version but now it no longer works. I tried to convert them back to the new conversion page on the website but without success. What am I doing wrong?I have verified that with the deonult Baron the indicators all work perfectly.

The landing light switches also no longer work.

I repeat, with the old version of the plug in everything worked!