Hello Vlad!

Do you have some example (data.cfg) for using the new mode selector function?

For example, change a button function when a toggle switch is enabled.

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Here's an example on how to assign it in the configurator:

1. Open "Data Table", go to "SimVim Functions", click "Selector_1" and assign it as a Toggle Switch to a pin.
2. Assign 2 different button functions to another pin.
3. Then, click the pin where the button is assigned. You will see a window listing the 2 button parameters. Click the "Selector" button at the top of this window.
4. Choose the mode group "Selector 1" there and click "Confirm".

You can now save your data.cfg file. The button will switch between the two functions based on the switch position.

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Hello Roman!

I tried exactly like you wrote. But it does not work. What did I do wrong?

E13.0 S=1
E13.0 Nav1_Khz
E13.0 Nav1_Mhz
E13.0 ADF1_xxO
E13.0 ADF1_xOx
E13.0 ADF1_Oxx
B13.14 Selector_1 p=5

For you configuration, just use the "COMBO" Radio -
see the related image map in the configurator.
You can assign the single Knob1 if you need to use only one encoder and the "push" button to switch between mhz/khz.
Generally, in the latest SimVim version you don't need  to use any "mode" functions for all radio devices.

You can use the configurator image maps for radios that have all needed functionality for varios combined radios.
The "Selector_" functions are remained for some few other configurations not related to radio.

As for ADF - in next plugin and configutrator update there will be all possible configurations for ADF devices.
Please wait.


NOTE: you cannot use the pin #13 for inputs.

Note 2: the "old" method of the mode configuration will not work anymore,
and eventually all will be possible to make not even using the new "selector_" feature.


Will wait for new versions. And make a combo radio.

Why I cannot use pin #13 for inputs? O have used It, and It works very well.

The analog pins can be used for inputs?