Hi, I am working in the autopilot and I want to show three different values in the 7-segment displays (alt, ias, vs). I change what value is shown with a button. So, I added the three words before the values: ALt, IAS, US (because could not write VS).

I only have problems with the command AP_ALT_Cmd . Not write nothing. Also tried to write other word but also continue not working. Maybe is something wrong with the conditional text in this assignment?


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If you use the "selector" for switching your display mode, just use the same selector for LED, LCD or 7-segment display output as text.
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Ok sounds good, but in the configurator page I think the value is "Custom text to be displayed on LCD or 7-segment indicator", and when I push this I can't write any text and assign to a pin. It's ok?
Or could you tell me how to configure this manually in the data.cfg file? Thanks

No, the "Custom Text ... " option is for custom "static" text only, no parameters, no options.

To display the selection mode text (related to the mode number) for selector that was already assigned as button, switch, rotary switch before for your display:

1.  Click on the "Selector_#"  in the parameter table (section "SimVim Functions"
2.  Select the "7-Seg Display: TEXT"   option
3.  Select  the 7-segment display (that has to be assigned already)
4. In the options window add the text, and  shift position, and value (mode number ) for this text