I thought I would share a requirement for Linux users.

As is usually the case, users have to be added to dialout group as mentioned here

Without this change avrdude is unable to access the serial port to upload the firmware.

Apart from that I noticed that the X-Plane/Resources/plugins/SimVim folder contains avrdude binaries. After several attempts to upload the firmware I realized the avrdude binary didn't have execution permission.

I executed the following in the command line to fix it:

chmod +x X-Plane/Resources/plugins/SimVim/avr/avrdude

Only then I was able to upload the firmware and it was immediately seen by the "Status" screen.

It might be better to distribute the plugin in a tar file rather than zip, to guarantee file permissions to be maintained.

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Another way to connect the board to X-Plane is turn the USB port executable. A command used for this is

# chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0

or another port, that depends of your OS. But you need to execute this line always you connect the usb.

To fix it, you can write a rule on dir


then create a file like


with the following content

KERNEL=="ttyUSB[0-9]", MODE="0666"

it will give a permission to write on USB port. The line may be different depending of your OS.

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Hi, thanks for the advice, I wasn't aware of that yes