in the Gauge calibration of the fuel flow gauge, current sim value is always 0

so I'm able to calibrate it but then the needle remains fixed because current dataref value is not detected

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First, what is your plane?
Is the fuel Flow changing in the virtual panel?

Apr 25, 2019 by
Hello, It is because the gauge is in gal/hor while dataref is in kg/s then the value is 0,00036 for example and no show all decimal.

I calíbrate it with 0,00036 kg/s is 5 gal/hor.
My plane is a Baron 58. Yes, the fuel flow is changing in the virtual panel
Yes, X-Plane uses kg/s, you need to recalculate it to kg/s to calibrate.
1 gallon gal/hr = 2.80 kg/hr

For Baron FF gauge 0-30 gal/hour = 0 - 0.02333  kg/s.

Use this values to calibrate your servo  gauge in the calibration tool.

In next updates we will  create additional parameter for FF in kgs.

ok now it's working fine