Thank you for how you are helping the Simulator community. I have studied the hook up diagram for hooking up the coil gauge. You have a positive line going to the center of the 10K resistor.  Does this line just connect to the other side of the resistor?  Sorry for such a basic question.    I am using PMW gauges in the engine instrument cluster for a 1976 Cessna 150.

Thank you again for your help!!
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Sorry, but what is not clear on this diagrams? :
Connect exactly as it is pictured and move the potentiometer finding the position when the needle is moved to the max position  when the value is maximum
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Thank you for your answer perhaps I should have been more clear. I don’t understand the symbology of what appears to be a connection in the middle of the resistor. I understand my question is very basic but I have no electronic background and am learning this on my own.  I appreciate the time and help you give to all of us.

Thank you

Hi Gary.

These are not fixed type resistors, but Potentiometers, there are different types (rotory or sliding) the arrow refers to the variable resistor contactor.

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