Dear Vlad:

I Get the driver A390, A proesa here in Peru in this Quarantine.  Arm my wet compass, Funxione but very discalibrated, errors of 15, 30, 90 degrees, calibrate it several times, putting the north and the strip of degrees, but it discalibrates.  if I do a reload confuration, worse, it spins and increases the difference. U use a 28by with the A390 driver. there's some way to Calibrate, did I forget something?

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Hi Roberto.
please tell us
has zero position correctly installed?
mecanical switch, magnetic or optical zero position have loose wires?
the motor Convert to bipolar wire is correct? 
  Milton Rodriguez
Bogota Colombia

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Hola Milton:

Zero position NON ,  no lo pide  SimVim,  en el wet compass  gira 360 ,  no tiene calibraciĆ³n Norte  simvim.

El motor fue convertido a bipolar,

Vi tu video , me parece genial,  mi pregunta cuando llega a Zero, el motor se detiene  o continua?,

Gracias por la  ayuda, puedo contactarme contigo para poder entender mejor la soluciĆ³n?.

Roberto  Pareja

yes, the stepper motor move 360 degrees, and the only zero point calibration is at the beginning, it makes three attempts and from there it is positioned according to the data ordered by the plugin that it takes from Xplane.
you must make the recommendations indicated on the SimVim page connections and configurations for perfect operation.
You can write me for more details where you saw the video.
thanks SimVim community.


First you should use the A3967, what is the A390? We have no other drivers support for this moment.

And follow this guide please - - everything should work then.
Make sure you have set the controller you use to drive the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor in the "full-step" mode.

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Thank for your quick  answer,  it is a A3967,  my mistake to put A390.  I follow  all the steps for the 28byj,  

im going  to change de step driver and the slave  ardiuino ,

If persist the problem,  I  call you.