hello friends, im confused about how connect the L298N driver to my DC motor, i was looking for it on internet but theres a lot ways so i dont know whats the correct on, who knows the correct wiring?

thank you for reading

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For what parameter do you need to use the DC Motor?


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Hello, is for the el├ęctrico trim

See the picture below:

This board can drive two DC motors. Yo need only one side (Motor A for example).

Open the layout Map "Flight Controls" in the configurator.
Assign the digital outputs "Elec_Trim_Up" and "Elec_Trim_Dn"

1. Connect the "Elec_Trim_Up" output to Input1  and "Elec_Trim_Dn" output - to the Input2

2. See below on this page how to connect: https://simvim.com/svc_custom_met.html

Use appropriate voltage source for your DC motor (12v or either from 5up to 35v  depending on the motor)
(no need to connect 5v input, but connect the GND of course)


Thank you so much Vlad, your comment is really helpful, now im going to desing the pcb :D