Hi Vlad,
i am currently trying to get the rudder trim display of the FlightFactor A320 working. In SimVim there is the parameter "Rudder_Trim_Disp". Of course FlightFactor does it differently again.

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The SimVim custom functions  are mostly independent on the specific aircraft model: https://simvim.com/svc_custom.html and work always with any craft.

So, this display (if you make it using 7-segmet display and SimVIm function "Rudder_Trim_Disp") should work independetly as stand-alone hardware device.

If it work in hardware, but you don't see that something is changed in your virtual plane display, leave it, you don't need to convert anything. I mean - why do you need to look at the virtual screen in you real cockpit?


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I have now tested the "RudderTrimDisplay". Connected are 1x MAX7219 LED display ( 8 digits ) and 2 x TM1637 LED display ( 4 digits ).
MAX7219: Display shows " 0.0". The "L" is usually only displayed after a few seconds.
TM1637: Display shows "  0.". The "0" after the comma and the "L" is missing.
When operating the rudder trim switch in the FF A320 the display of the hardware display remains at " 0.0". I see no change.

I converted Battery_1(2)_Volts, because with this parameter the correct voltage is not displayed. I tested it with the DataRefTool and looked at the values of "sim/cockpit2/electrical/battery_voltage_actual_volts". There the first two indices are used. The battery voltage in the A320 was 28.1V ( according to the display at the overhead ). The values of "sim/cockpit2/electrical/battery_voltage_actual_volts" were at 23.9V.
I wanted to test this directly again. But how can I delete the conversion of the parameters "Battery_1(2)_Volts" ? There is a function "Mark for removal", but it does not delete the conversion.

I have solved the brightness problem. I assigned all 3 displays "BRT0_Ctrl". So the brightness of the 3 displays can be adjusted. I noticed, that the brightness of the TM1637 modules is at maximum after power on, but at minimum on the MAX7219 display. Only after I turned the brightness control "BRT0_Ctrl", all displays have the same brightness.

I have downloaded the current "SimVim.dat". But after starting SimVimCockpit I have the warning " BRT_Overhead" ( The following parameter names are not recognized ). If the parameter "BRT_Overhead" does not exist anymore, please remove the corresponding entry from the A320 Layout Maps.

1. Tested on TM and MAX - OK.
Try to launch some default plane (B58) and rotate the rudder trim wheel. If it still doesn't work for you, check something else.

2. Check the "sim/cockpit2/electrical/battery_voltage_indicated_volts"   array.

3. deleted.
1. I tested it with the B58:

-  MAX7219: is working, everything is correct. Value changes when I adjust the rudder trim

- TM1637: is working, only the place after the comma is missing (the "L" should also be one place to the left). Value changes when I adjust the rudder trim

2. I have checked, shows the same voltage as "sim/cockpit2/electrical/battery_voltage_actual_volts"

 I have made a screenshot with the values, I will send you an email.


Download the SimVim.dat file again,
Now all displays (Max, TM 6-dig and TM 4-dig and LCD) show the trim correctly,

like here - https://simvim.com/svc_custom_trim.html

Hi, Vlad,

at the "Rudder_Trim_Display" I am still missing the "L" and the "0" behind the comma. I tried another type of the TM1637 modules ( 4 digits ), also with the Baron 58 it looks like the display is moved one digit to the right.
The "L" is also only displayed when you adjust the rudder trim. The letter is missing after switching on.