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Hey Vlad, I'm trying to control the fuel panel on the Alabeo PA31_350_Chieftain. Specifically the Crossfeed valve and the 3 way tank selectors (inboard - Off - Outboard).

The controls function correctly when manipulated on the screen, but I can't seem to find matching simvim parameters to control them, XFeed_Valve  does not control the Crossfeed valve and I can't control the tank selectors from simvim either, any ideas?

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For the crossfeed you need to use the "XFeed_Valve" parameter, it's correct.
For the 3-way selectors - the "Fuel_Selector_L" and "Fuel_Selector_R".

If you don't see correct reaction, seems you need the custom conversion for your plane model, using the custom Alabeo commands.

Find them and remap in the converter as described


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