Hello everybody

 I want to install the simvim panel but i have a problem, I mean I cant fit it in my panel because it doesnt has the same position either the size
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You should use the SimVIm dimensions (template) for your cutouts.
Or start the panel and make your template from the screen.

1. To move the panel position: use the arrow keys (up,dn, left,right.)
After you use arrow keys to move the panel, pressing "Enter" will save the position.

2. All instruments are displayed always in their real size (3,125" )  on any screen automatically.
The program usually detects the screen size correctly.
If not - enter your horizontal screen size and press Enter.
You can change the scale, by entering another horizontal size not matching your LCD.
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Thank you :) and what happend if I want to move individual instruments?
Nothing, you can ask us to change some gauge coordinates for you specifically.
But better to follow the existed template, we are making them as close to the real aircraft as possible.
Thank you so much, where can I request it? And how can I show you my flight simulator is like yours a baron 58
Hello Vlad, where i can ask for some gauge coordinates for my panel?
Hi Edgar,

I will try to upload it to this page https://simvim.com/svp_b58.html  in nearest days.