So some of my friends at the local airport have a sim that has been sitting and they want to move to a new software platform (and it does not work at the moment), the switches such as the ignition, mag, master, flap, lights etc. are connected to an Arduino board already. What I need to do is figure out what switch goes to which input on the Arduino, no one ever documented it. I could get out the DMM and do a pinout which would be very slow and time consuming. Does anyone know if there is some simple/basic software that I could simple load onto a laptop, connect to the Arduino via USB, and as i exercise the switches it will show which input is being used?

I am new to this Arduino "stuff" so any help would  be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance

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Please read the whole SimVim website first, everything is very simple.
Use the configurator to assign any inputs -

P.S. You don't need to know anything about Arduino, controllers, it's not related to Arduino software,
"Arduino" is used here only as convenient controller platform.
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