i´m using the version 0.9.57c with the latest Zibo Mod.
Since the version 0.9.57c AP_VS_Cmd shows blank when VNAV/LNAV mode is ON. This is working and correct.
But after leaving the VNAV/LNAV mode and the first manual sinking via AP_VS_SET the minus sign remains the whole time.
Even if i don´t sink and the AP_VS_Cmd should be blank.

Any idea?
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OK, will be fixed.
May 19 by
Hi Vlad,

the minus sign is gone with 0.9.58. Many thanks.
The other issue is not gone:
"After activating VNAV/LNAV, AP_VS_Cmd shows not blank immediately. I have to deactivate/activate VNAV shortly. Then it works."
Do you know anything about it?