Hi Vlad to connect more than 64 LEDs how can I do?


he pin "S" of the upper block I connect it to Pin 26 of the Arduino Master, while the other "S" signal of the lower block where can I connect it? Two other signal inputs - "D" and "L" - should be connected to the corresponding common bus lines ("D" and "L" output signals). ? Thank's Vlad

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Please read the "Digital Output" section of the website again.
And, of course you should NO to connect the S input to the pin 26
You should assign the LED drivers to any pin (click the pin and select "Add  LED Driver, Serial") as module with one driver (16 LEDs), 2,3, or 4 drivers maximum (having from 16 to 64 LEDs for ane output pin)

So, you can have as many LEDs as you need.

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Vlad I need 102 leds ,
I would like to connect two groups of 4 DM13A, I would like to understand where to insert "S" of the first group, and where to insert "S" of the second group.
Also which lines "D" and "L" in which pin of the Master card should I connect them to?

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