I have a strange problem. First i would like to show you the affected configs:

N35    HSI_Course    o=5
N32    HSI2_Course    o=5
E43.10    HSI_Sel_CRS
E45.0    HSI2_Sel_CRS

I have flickering in the HSI_Course 7-segment display. But only on ground, i saw it never during the flight. From time to time the HSI2_Course is affected, too. For me it´s really strange, because both 7-segments and both encoders are each connected to another MAX7219 matrix board/multiplexer. Because it happens only on ground i think it could not be a soldering or wiring problem, right? Do you have an idea?

Many thanks
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HSI_Course works with standard XP datarefs, and we have not changed anything.

I don't know what could developer of the Zibo mod change in his last 3.41 version  (I have 3.40 now) in relation to these datarefs (hsi_obs_deg_mag_pilot ... ).

Try it with another plane loaded (Baron 58)

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Hello Vlad,

thanks, i tried the Baron. But sorry i have no deep skills with the Baron, i have to read the manual to start from Cold & Dark.
But following short test i have done. Baron with started engines, HSI Course worked as expected. I also have changed the HSI Course in the Baron. No flickering etc.
After that, i changed to the Zibo with running engines (No new flight or reload of X-Plane). The HSI Course startet independently counting up. I have repeated several times with the same result. I will try the Zibo 3.40. Maybe you have another idea in the meantime.

I don't see any "flickering" in zibo 3.42. Everything just fine.
Hello Vlad,

thanks. You are right. It´s not a Simvim and not a soldering or cable issue.
I have found the reason. The PF3 ATC tool from Oncourse is the cause.

I have double checked. During flickering i have shut down PF3 and the flickering is gone in this moment.
So maybe, PF3 adjust anything about the HSI Course.

I will look further into this issue, maybe i will find an option to prevent PF3 from adjusting the HSI Course.
If so, i will report here. Maybe this is interessting for other PF3 and SimVim users.

Problem is solved. Like i told above, SimVim is not the cause.

In PF3 Check Options #1 and the Taxi Guidance System... disable 'Used HDG Bug'!
After this, the flickering is gone.

Many thanks for your plugin and the help!