Hello im stuck about what max7219 choose, there's two (cwg and ewg) , I check on Internet but i cant find a specific and clear information for me
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Hi Edgar,

I had the same question when I ordered mine a few months ago. I think the difference is that the EWG part is tolerant of a wider temperature range. I purchased the CWG part since I don’t plan on using it in any extreme temperatures.


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Hello Mike Thank you so much! thats a good reference to start!



I would recommend this (see in the very bottom of this page):

An easier alternative (instead of lots of wiring and making a PCB for the MAX7219 driver), you can buy a MAX7219 "LED matrix" board with detachable matrix.

Then,  just remove the LED matrix module, and connect the 7-segmet indicators instead.

The board will allow you to make a single 8-digit display by wiring your 7-segment modules to the board outputs.
Also, you can buy such modules for 2,3, 4 displays (4 drivers on one board).


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Hello Vlad

thank you so much for the reference, in this case i need the max7219 separatly because im desing the pcb for my radio