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NOTE: For those who  are  working on  the conversion for the FF a320, please explain in this topic for others what are they need to get the conversion file working for them.

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Open this file X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate\data\publish.txt

If "a320/MCDU1/Num1_button" doesn't exist in file publish.txt, put "a320/MCDU1/Num1_button" in then save.

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It works! IT WORKS! Thanks ivota!!

The data file is right. I have to put "a320/Aircraft/Cockpit/MCDU1/Key1/Click" from the file to publish.txt and works. Don't use "a320/MCDU1/Num1_button" from commands.txt; this doesn't work.

@Vlad, a note here: http://simvim.com/simcom/index.php/2532/custom-aircraft-data-conversion about upgrade publish.txt with datafile commands should be good for future users.

Thanks everyone for all.

I have created a large part of the conversions. I also suggested to Vlad some time ago to publish the "publish.txt" file.Since the FF A320 uses many parameters that were created by FlightFactor, the conversion and the corresponding entries in the "publish.txt" file are necessary.
In the next comment is my used "publish.txt" file. It contains all entries used in the conversion. But it is not yet complete.
Some entries are still experimental, they are only to be tested. Other entries are still using the "FFA320Connector", I haven't found any other working parameters there ( FFA320Connector is no longer under development ).

Awesome. Thanks!

Please use this topic to upload the "publish.txt"  file (as link).