Got to the root of some of my issues...everytime I reload the data file, the multiplexer changes some of the pin assignments!!! Has anyone ever heard of this? I have triple checked the wiring and pinouts and everything is as it should be.

There are duplicates, some next to each other, some not, right now I have two buttons on pin 6 and 7, but the data file says 5 and 6! And it woks! There is not any wire on 7! And NO grounding of the actual pin 7 on the multiplexer!

No wonder I am having so many issues! I am going to pull it apart and swap out the muliplexer, maybe I got a bad one? I found this out by putting random lights in all of the unused pins so I could map them all out, of course it changed when I powered up/down to get the hardware to reconnect.

Also, is there any way to test the inputs without assigning things to them? Just return the pin number...

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Please, don't create so many topics, one by one, they all related to one of your issues.

Multiplexer ca NOT  "change pin assignments". The pins on MUX are numbered from Y0 to Y15.
Did you read my answers (related to the "flickering issue")?  Do you have a pull-up resistor as described?
And  about the plugin "Input Options" menu item in my first answer in relation to your encoder configuration?

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Sorry for multiple topics...
I THOUGHT I read everything on all of your pages, but missed the Input options! That really helped.
I didn't think of the resistor because it said to use it for longer cable runs, didn't think of it. I changed the multiplexer AND added the resistor, all is well! I will go back and test the multiplexer later...could the lack of a resistor on the address line have been the problem?

If you don't think those other posts would be beneficial to anyone, feel free to delete them...   ;-)

Thank You.

By the way, before the multiplexer I was amazed at how clever and cool the firmware install and everything worked setting up the Mega...everything worked perfectly!

"...could the lack of a resistor on the address line have been the problem?.,.."

No, it can not be a problem. They are not needed at all.