Got the Basic Six to work (remember to adjust firewall rules to let machines communicate) with X-Plane 11.32. If you move a mouse over the altimeter or artificial horizon's adjustment knobs, they change and the mouse turns to a circular arrow, implying you can make adjustments with the mouse.  I don't think you really can, though, right?  I believe you MUST set up encoders, buttons, toggles, etc. working directly into SimVim plugin to make adjustments.  Can you confirm?

I assume those controls animate just to show which controls are supported in SimVim Plugin for input?

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In latest SVPanel versions we have added this feature - when mouse is over the rotary control, you can use the mouse wheel or buttons for control.

This mouse control is available only when panel is connected with the plugin.
In this case the mouse work as rotary encoder and sends data to SimVim plugin (not just rotates needles) and plugin sends data values for gauges .

Also, of course if are building a "real" cockpit and  assign rotary encoders for these gauges rotary knobs, they will be controlled by "hardware" encoders (and mouse on screen can be used too).


Note: you can try how the mouse input works loading the Robin panel.  Basic Six is not configured for this yet.