What is the optional variable in the data.cfg file that "pads out" a value to a set length?
i.e. I want to show 036 degrees, as opposed to just showing 36 degrees

Thanks, neil.
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What is parameter name  you want to display?
If it is Course, it should show 036.
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I am wanting to show RADIAL from VOR/NAV ("Nav1_Radial").
I am also trying to find the special character for "degrees" (as in °) for the LCD display.

So, so, close to finishing my PA28 sim! :D
I thought your plane is B737 ( as you pointed in your profile).

Another question: for what instrument you need the "Nav1_Radial" ?
It is or custom SimVim dataref that is used in SimVim Radios (as KX155, 155A).


Apologies - I will update my profile.

I am wanting to display the NAV1_RADIAL on an LCD screen - I got the reference from "Data Table > Nav Instruments", however this seems to be a custom thing.

I *could* use "Nav1_Bearing" + 180 ... if there is a way to doing some basic maths.

Thanks, Neil.


Again, what is radio equipment  you are modelling with this LCD?

If you use Nav radio (with two Khz/Khz knobs), you can see that if you have assigned the Nav1_Pull switch to the Khz encoder the Nav Standby display  will show  Nav Radial (as it is in real KX 155).

Also, in the KX155A 165A  radio you can select both Bearing and Radial modes as described).

See the layout maps in the configurator

Hi Vlad,

I am making a simple generic one, not modelling an exact one.  Here is my LCD panel:


On my current panel, the VOR ID = "POL" (Pole Hill in the UK) and the radial is 065 degrees, but it is showing 65; I want it to show 065 etc.
I have the encoders for dialing up/down the frequency, it is just wanting to pad out the value to 3 characters on the LCD - i.e 183, 320, 063, 090, 005 etc etc.

Thanks (yet again!), Neil.