Hi All,

I thought I had seen something about this but can't seem to find it again.
I've built a Heading Indicator with an ADF Needle.

I would like to change the Needle to respond to the Nav or flick a switch and respond to the ADF.
Is that possible? I was looking into Conditions but can't work those out just yet.

Thanks in advance.
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If you need the RMI-style instrument for switchable VOR/ADF see it in the Layout Maps - "Flight Instruments"

The RMI_Pointer_1 (and RMI_Pointer_2)  are custom SimVIm functions made specially for steppers.
So, you need only one parameter for a needle, no any "conditions".

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Hi Vlad,

Do I still take the Card from ADF and just the RMI pointer from the RMI and the switch?
I'm unable to get any response on the instrument from the HDG from the RMI page.

Sorry, didn't quite understand your question.
Assign the pointer 1 (single needle) or pointer 2 (double needle),
assign the VOR/ADF switches  and the HDG_ELEC for heading stepper motor.

The pointer will show either VOR or ADF bearing depending on switch position.
What is the instrument you are going to replicate (the model)?
Hi Vlad,

I have built a basic ADF with 1 Needle.

When I set it as an ADF with ADF_Card and Needle 1 it all functions as expected. Though i do find in one model its 140degrees out. No idea why. Works well in the Cessna but not the BEDE 5.
When I use RMI and Set the ADF Card as Head_Elec its not setting itself to a head that makes any sense. (North is the home position).

Setting the Needle to RMI_Pointer 1 is only points North and stays there regardless of the ADF setting.
Press the RMI_L_Switch (open) and it responds to the Nav 1.

Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be. I just want the ADF Card to be ADF Card and have the one pointer I have switch between being ADF 1 or Nav 1.

Thank you for you help with this.

This is the model I am building for. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/27269-bd-5j-microjet/

I can't work out why the ADF is 140 degrees out and does not move in flight at all. 

If i set as HDG_Elec it moves but wrong heading still. 


First, it turned out that RMI pointer function for ADF  doesn't work because of small "typo" bug.
It is corrected now, but will be available in next plugin update.
So,  you just need to wait a few days.

For your BD5 central heading instrument (that I suppose has one needle used as ADF or VOR pointer) it is simple as I described before:

1) For the heading card you can assign either oof these two parameters (depending on what your plane model is used):


If you use the stepper motor for the heading, make sure it is connected so that the card rotates in right direction.

2) for the needle - use the RMI_Pointer_1  (will work correctly after update)

3) for the switch - "RMI_L_Switch"